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How Colour Can Enhance Small Living Room Design

When considering a small living room design, it often might feel like solving a complex puzzle, where every piece must fit perfectly to create a cohesive look. While a common instinct may be to stick with neutral tones to make the space feel larger, there are living rooms that offer plenty of evidence to the contrary. Here’s a look at how colour can enhance small living rooms, drawing inspiration from a few of our favourite apartments.

1. Sets Mood and Ambiance

In smaller living rooms, where space is at a premium, the emotional impact of colour can be significant. Designed by Gon Architects, Casa Gialla was inspired by the vibrant colours and geometric lines of Italian homes in the 1960s. Yellow walls, furniture, and accents come together in a custom joinery piece to create a lively small living room, elevating the ambience just with the use of a bright colour.

2. Injects Personality

In The Warren, designer Nicholas Gurney uses colour to make a strong impression quickly, especially when showcasing the owner’s personality through his small living room design. The maximalist apartment has bursts of colour and striking gold accents everywhere, which is reflected in the strategically placed mirrors by the entrance.

3. Creates Zones in Living Spaces

Point Supreme Architects employed varying colours to separate functional areas within Ilioupoli Apartment’s hybrid space which is a dining room, living room, and kitchen combined. A lighter hue might define the seating area, while a striking red clearly delineates the kitchen space. This division through colour is an ingenious way to make a compact space feel more organised and multi-functional, without much need for physical barriers like walls or partitions.

4. Unleashes Creativity

Perhaps the most daring in its use of colour, the Maximalist mini loft explodes with a vibrant array of hues, from electric blues to hot pinks. Zyva Studio’s architect, Anthony Authié, was inspired by Super Mario and infused his apartment with video game references, creating a rich, playful atmosphere with limitless creative possibilities. When thinking about a small living room design, the freedom to experiment with colour and personal aesthetic can be both a fun and fulfilling design journey.

These gorgeous apartments serve as a colourful reminder that size doesn’t have to limit your design choices. Whether it’s using a cheerful yellow to inject personality, like in Casa Gialla, or the vibrant gold hues in The Warren that make you go wow, colour plays a vital role in shaping our living spaces and our experiences within them. So, as you embark on decorating your small living room, remember that a splash of colour can go a long way in making your small apartment a home.

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