Small Living

Small Living Episode Two

Featuring The Fermentary, Plant Society, Benita Larsson and Nicholas Gurney.

This episode of Never Too Small is packed with all the stay-at-home goodness we need to keep our brains and bodies sustained and fulfilled. 

Sharon from The Fermentary teaches us how to brine vegetables, and we learn how to kick start and stop the fermenting process, plus Sharon shows us a contraption that let’s air out, but doesn’t let it in. 

Jason from Plant Society shows us which plants are right for the light your home gets, and how to flush out the soil. Get your plants thriving with these insider tips from Never Too Small’s favorite green thumb.

Benita Larsson imbues us with that familiar feeling of peace as she continues to show the NTS audience how to reorganize and rethink cluttered interiors. In this episode, she turns the humble cutlery drawer into a work of art with some clever shapes and an underappreciated, yet hard-working material. 

And, if you’ve ever thought about designing your own Tiny Home, or just want to understand how an Architect’s mind works when creating small spaces, Nicholas Gurney, creator of Never Too Small Ep15 — Yardstix talks our London correspondent Celeste through his process.