Small Footprint – A Never Too Small Limited Series

By 2050, seven in ten people will live in a city. Will they be happy?

Cities. Overcrowded concrete jungles, damaging to us and to our planet. By 2050, seven in ten people will live in a city, but will they be happy? Innovators, architects, urban planners, and designers believe they can be. They see urban life as an asset, a chance for community and wellbeing driven by smart design.

At the forefront, in Australia, architects Nicholas Gurney and Brad Swartz are rewriting the rules for an ideal home by repurposing existing small homes and apartments. Planners and academics Rob Adams and Jefa Greenaway fight to change the face of our cities for the better. All in support of a unique idea, that our cities can be the happiest, healthiest places on earth.

Across six 10-minute episodes, we will explore the philosophies and meet the thinkers, planners, and designers that are shaping the future of our cities.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

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