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On the Move: Mobile Furniture

We’re always on the move, so why shouldn’t our furniture do the same? At Never Too Small, we’re big believers in flexible design – features and furniture that serve multiple purposes to create that perfect balance between comfort, functionality, and aesthetics. And where there is flexible design, there is one thing that we see time and time again: mobile furniture.

Furniture that is designed to be easily moved around can be pivotal to optimising limited spaces and is a dynamic and versatile solution for keeping up with the ever-changing needs of daily life.

Go with the Flow

Kitchens are fluid by nature, used for everything from cooking an elaborate meal and entertaining friends to simply enjoying a morning coffee. Most people would likely agree that there can never be too much storage or surface space in a kitchen; however, in small apartment design, these are two things that aren’t always possible. Architect Thomas Pellerin came up with a clever solution to this issue in this Paris apartment by custom designing a kitchen island on wheels. The island, which is made entirely of recycled plastic, includes additional storage and a work surface and can be moved around the kitchen depending on what’s needed.

Dining tables are another popular mobile item. Whether they are doubling as a desk, increasing the kitchen workspace, or simply being pushed aside to make room for entertaining, a dining table on wheels – like this one in Athens or this one in Sydney – is no doubt a small footprint homeowner’s friend.

Within Reach

What goes up must come down, and the staircase on wheels in this Buenos Aires apartment makes that easy. Looking to make the most of every square metre — both horizontally and vertically — designers Nahuel Alvarez & Florencia Aparicio of Moob Arquitectura made a mobile staircase, which allowed them to use more of the raised areas in the apartment without them being too cumbersome to access. While the peaceful loft bedroom steals the spotlight, the raised storage cabinets are nothing to scoff at either.

All Wheels, All the Time

When designing this Singapore apartment, interior designer Dess Chew was asked to make it flexible, as his clients are big hobbyists and didn’t want to feel locked into one specific configuration. Chew delivered, designing and making several custom white modular cabinets and two tables that the homeowners can shift around and effectively reconfigure the space. The tables, for example, can be pushed together when entertaining guests or separated when they require their own desks for work.

Move that Wall

You’d think that “being stationary” was a defining property of a wall, yet this Milan apartment says otherwise. Architecture and interior design firm ATOMAA pushed the limits of mobile furniture with this custom-designed wall on wheels that not only allows the homeowner to reconfigure the space but also serves as a wardrobe, a work desk and a breakfast bar. So while walls might not technically be considered furniture, we’ve decided that this is enough to deem this one furniture by association.

Mobile Furniture for Small Space Design

The flexibility of mobile furniture addresses the challenges of limited space with practicality and style. Its space-saving features, adaptability, and aesthetic appeal make it an integral element in creating functional, visually pleasing, and dynamic living environments within the constraints of compact living.

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