NTS Round-Ups

Experimental Interior Designs

Unique concepts stemming from experimental interior design allow for truly original, personalised spaces to be born. These designs push the boundaries of creative interior design, opening up new possibilities for interior aesthetics.

With personal preferences in mind, designers and architects are able to create unique spaces that truly reflect the individual, regardless of whether they appeal to the general public. We’ve rounded up our favourite homes featured on NTS that embody the spirit of creative interior design, all unashamedly expressive and intriguing.

📍Alex, Singapore

Architect: William Chan of Spacedge. Images: VC

Alex was designed with one concept in mind; to cater solely to the owner, and the owner only. Sharp lines and clean edges cut through the minimalist art gallery-esque space, with wood laminate panels seamlessly melding together to create a large piece of joinery functioning as a bedroom, office, storage, and more.

Every other surface is white-painted or micro-concrete, with one of the only colours in the apartment a navy blue streak cutting through the light wooden and grey palette to serve as a light. The one display of objects? The owner’s stunning Lego collection, showcased in the mandatory bomb shelter now turned backlit display gallery.

Alex is austere, stark, bare. Yet it inspires, and the extreme consideration Chan has for his client can be seen in every design aspect and carefully chosen elements.

Unique design features:

  • Bomb shelter turned into a Lego display collection
  • Hidden kitchen behind cabinetry
  • Completely exposed bathroom with subtle flooring transition
  • Fold-out desk designed for Lego building

📍Maximalist mini loft, Paris

Architect: Anthony Authié of Zyva Studio. Images: Yohann Fontaine

In an explosion of neon colour and playful textures, the Maximalist mini loft is both an ode to Authié’s childhood and a tribute to nostalgic video games. Think pink spiny table legs inspired by a Mario game character, Jojo stools shaped like little yellow octopuses, and a Doctor Freeze-esque metallic kitchen. Fiery curtains and pillowcases designed by Authié spice up the striking yellow bedroom, a whimsical contrast to the grey granite patterns used as a backdrop to the lively design elements.

Unique design features:

  • Contrasting granite tiles with different grain sizes
  • Loft bedroom with staircase doubling as a kitchen wall
  • 3D-printed door handles, lighting fixtures, and coffee table legs
  • Cleverly repurposed kitchen shelves as living room shelves

📍Candy Cube, Hong Kong

Architect: Nelson Chow of NCDA. Images: HDP Photography

A ‘fun, colourful, and futuristic’ home—the brief for this sci-fi-inspired apartment awash in pastel colours, sculptural furniture, and metallic touches. Curved walls and adjustable lighting soften the space, while custom furniture mimicking soap and candy are playful contrasts to the spaceship-like metallic kitchen and bathroom. The four-poster bed is encased in a cube on one side of the apartment, providing a unique backdrop to the dining area while clearly demarcating both zones.

📍Small Town House, London

Designer: Nina Tolstrup of Studiomama. Images: Ben Anders

Formerly a carpenter’s workshop, this light-filled space is now splashed with bursts of colour. Upcycled furniture from Tolstrup’s design studio, Studiomama, takes centre stage, with a lamp made out of wooden shipping crates and their iconic Reimagined Chairs made out of salvaged chairs, vibrant and exaggerated for a cartoonish feel. A hanging bedroom pod is suspended above the living space, accessed through a ladder that creates a unique enclosed treehouse experience.

For more information about Studiomama, check out our Wonderful Waste episode where Studiomama was featured.

Unique design features:

  • Upcycled furniture from junk shops and the street
  • Bright yellow bathroom
  • Hanging enclosed sleeping bedroom
  • Raised ceiling for added mezzanine level and vertical space

📍Urban Cabin, Bergamo

Architect and Images: Francesa Perani

Drawing inspiration from Persian design reflecting the owners’ background, the cabin was transformed from a narrow porch in between two villas into a multi-purpose space acting as a studio, retreat and guest house. This multifunctional home is fully clad in recycled, non-toxic OSB timber throughout, lending its signature texture to the long bench/sleeping area, walls, and wardrobe. However, the striking indigo blue bathroom is the hero, providing a vibrant splash of deep colour to the light wooden palette.

Unique design features:

  • Perforated metal screen outside referencing ancient Persian arches and providing shade
  • Long bench storage doubling as a sleeping area
  • Vibrant blue bathroom with existing stone wall and French door leading out to the garden—a touch of nature in this small room
  • Ingenious adaptive reuse of an unused space before

For more details and additional floorplans about these creative interior design projects, check out our book (or bundle it with our Essential Guide to Your Living Room).