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Tangerine Living, Taipei

Nestled in the heart of bustling Taipei City, Jungle Loft is a apartment that has been transformed from a small neglected rental, to a beautiful home for the couple that rent it. Mish and Ryan are the founders of Tangerine Living, an interior design business, and they have used their skills to completely transform this space.

The apartment was in a poor state when Mish and Ryan first found it, but they were lucky to have an accommodating landlord who allowed them to renovate the property in exchange for a long-term lease.

With this unique rental situation, they were able to completely transform the space and take down the entire ceiling, changing up almost every aspect of the apartment.

The couple did most of the renovations themselves, using mostly handmade fixtures and fittings or ones from secondhand stores that they restored.

The balcony was made by hand, using recycled shipping crates for the fence loveseat and air con cover, and cushions that they found at a surf shop and reupholstered.

They also transformed the previously unused balcony into a little oasis, adding to the apartment’s overall sense of tranquility.

The apartment has an open living space downstairs, with a bedroom located in the loft space above the kitchen. Originally, the bedroom and living area shared the same space, but the couple were able to extend the loft space above the kitchen and create a separate bedroom.

The couples attention to detail and their commitment to using sustainable materials extends all the way to the finishings. They mixed their own paint, which they called Milk Tea, as an ode to Taiwanese milk tea.

The living room is a step down from the entrance and features a custom-made art gallery wall, replacing the need for a TV. The ceiling, which hung lower, was removed and replaced with one they built themselves out of plywood panels, adding foam inside for extra sound and heat insulation. They chose a hanging pendant light for the living room to match the round gloves used throughout the apartment, creating a cohesive design theme.

The dining area sits below the windows and features a custom wall shelf made from an old bookshelf that looks like a plant climbing up the wall, adding to the apartment’s jungle theme.

The kitchen has a narrow alleyway layout, with a custom-built breakfast bar made from natural timber.

At the entrance to the kitchen is a soft chiffon curtain that creates a soft partition to the living room. It can be pulled across to divide the kitchen and living room but still let a bit of light through.

A custom staircase leads from the living room to the loft, where there is a double-sized bed at the end, situated in the pitch of the roof to allow for full height standing. Mish and Ryan made a custom velvet headboard using foam fabric and MDF board, and at the foot of the bed, they built simple white cupboards to store larger items.

Jungle Loft also features a large walk-in closet that doubles as Mish and Ryan’s office, as they work from home most of the time. They even created a fold-out Murphy desk by following a YouTube tutorial.

 At the end of the walk-in closet, there is a custom cold storage wall that works for larger items above and below.

Jungle Loft is a true testament to Mish and Ryan’s creativity, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability.

Images by Tangerine Living & NeverTooSmall