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Enrico Cavaglià, Saavedra

Located in the quiet suburb of Saavedra in Buenos Aires, this 28 sqm apartment is rented by Enrico Cavaglia of @ir.arquitectura, (previously featured by Never Too Small for his El Camarin conversion). Cavaglia is an Italian architect who has been living in the city for two years. His goal was to find an apartment that maximises light and ventilation, and he chose this l-shaped apartment based on its two balconies positioned on opposing sides of the home. Enrico’s interior design philosophy is all about simplicity, functionality, and flexibility, as demonstrated in his custom-made furniture and attention to detail.

Enrico designed and built a custom platform bed to create a bedroom space in the living area.

The bed has built-in storage, and three cubes at the bottom of the bed serve as a ladder to climb onto the platform. He assembled the custom bed at his friend’s workshop, using iron for the structure and MDF covered in white melamine for the panels. The cubes can open up and act as storage for household items, and they have wheels for easy movement.

To separate the bathroom and living areas, Enrico added a floor-to-ceiling bookcase supported by tension rods. The bookcase’s horizontal panels are made of wood, and he tied plants to it to prevent his cats from knocking them over. When he moves to a new apartment, he can easily disassemble and reassemble the bookcase.

The apartment has two balconies, one of which is accessed from the living area. Enrico added large curtains to the balcony, giving it a theatrical feel when they are closed. The second balcony is on the other end of the apartment, with high walls that can be used like a patio. It leads to the rooftop terrace, which Enrico designed with a pergola made of recycled wood for summer use.

Enrico’s apartment is a perfect example of how a rental can be improved with minimal impact. He made most of the furniture himself or bought it secondhand, and everything is designed to be flexible and simple to dismantle for easy movement. The green wall and plants throughout the apartment bring a touch of nature to the space, and his attention to detail and functionality make this apartment feel like home.

Images by NeverTooSmall