Taipei’s Compact Apartment Conversion, Taipei

Set in one of the oldest urban areas of Taipei city and inspired its traditional colours, the team at Republic Design have created a warm and elegant space using tones of earthy reds, grays, and light oak wood.

Located in DaTong, one of the oldest urban areas of Tapei City, this 28sqm/301sqft apartment is surrounded by various old-school buildings, including the Confucian temple of Taipei. There is also a park close to the apartment which is YuanShan Park, one of the largest parks in Taipei City.

Designed by Chris Choo and the team at Republic Design for a businesswoman whose frequent travelling and lifestyle require a small, maintainable space for the home.

As you step into the apartment, you are immediately in the living room. A utility brick wall inspired by traditional local colours opens and folds, when needed, to hang coats and other items.

The TV wall extends all the way to the dining area and kitchen. Choo wanted to organise the TV, the brick wall, the dining and the kitchen all along this wall in order to create a long pathway in the middle of the apartment. 

The dining area sits between two walls and contains upper and lower storage. The lower storage is finished in matte dark red laminate and matches the brick wall in the living room. There is a single induction hob and a generous stainless sink. Above them is a range hood, some white storage cabinets and a white dishwasher which serves the resident’s lifestyle as she eats out for the majority of the time.

There is a compact foldable staircase hidden in the ceiling of the mezzanine, the stairs are easy to pull down and climb up to the mezzanine area which is planned for extra storage and a guest room.

As the owner lives alone, the bedroom has everything she needs. There’s a single bed and a wardrobe. A grey full-length mirror reflects the tiny room, amplifying the available natural light and creating an illusion of a bigger space.

There is a small step up to the bathroom behind a hidden door with terrazzo tiles covering the floor and half of the wall. At the back is a shower with windows made from glass window blocks. The bathroom has a toilet and a wash basin with a mirror cabinet on top.

Today, in urban areas like Taipei, more people are choosing to live on their own. An existing apartment can be a more affordable option for the next generation compared to newly built homes in urban areas. We believe we could revalue and upgrade the quality of space after renovation, especially for those old buildings which contain a cultural and historical value.

Chris Choo

Images by Yu Chen Chao Studio