Studio H, Warsaw

Set in a post war apartment block on one of the oldest streets of Warsaw, the bright and cozy Studio H was originally only one small open room and bathroom, with no real space for a kitchen.

By removing the false ceiling, architect and artist Karolina Howorko of Studio Hoka was able to add a mezzanine level, creating space for a bedroom and home office, accessed via a multifunctional staircase containing plenty of storage, a hidden fridge and a dining table that slides neatly in and out as needed.

The kitchen, located directly under the loft, connects seamlessly to the staircase and can be hidden behind a curtain.

Howorko chose white as the primary colour for the apartment, which not only makes the space feel bigger but also creates a blank canvas from which she can play with colour and atmosphere by adding different murals and artworks.

Images by Karolina Howorko, Dymitr Kalasznikow & Wnetrza Zwenetrza