Studio 98, Antwerp

In the centre of Antwerp, the 51sqm/548sqft Studio 98 is home to interior architect Carolien Potter who did most of the renovation work herself.

Originally an outdated and segmented apartment, Potter removed all the interior walls creating a white open-plan studio space, maximizing the light from the singular window on the front façade.

Potter’s key addition is a central volume that contains the bedroom, shower and storage cabinet, and also acts as a wall dividing key areas. The volume’s interior wall is shared with the bathroom and made of opaque glass allowing natural light into the bathroom while a semi-transparent curtain closes off the sleeping cove ensuring privacy.

The compact but fully equipped white kitchen blends seamlessly into the studio’s walls, with a counter extending along the length of the apartment; creating a bench with built-in storage for the open-plan living and dining area. With a logical but creative approach to functions and spaces, Potter has designed a spacious home filled with natural light and fun, but warm textures.

Images by Carolien Potter