Scandi Style Small Apartment

Unchanged since it was first built in the ’70s, Aiginitou Street apartment, located in the popular east Athens suburb of Ilisia, was completely remodeled by Do Designers into a practical, inviting, and contemporary home, with lots of storage space, custom-built furniture, and a cozy Scandinavian feel.

The floor plan was changed entirely in redesigning the home, moving the kitchen from a dark back corner into a new open plan living and dining space.

While the bathroom moved into the kitchen’s previous location, making room for a walk-in closet with full height wardrobes that leads into the adjacent bedroom.

The kitchen, now also slightly elevated to accommodate the new plumbing, is separated visually through oversized white tiles throughout, with oak flooring leading into the living and dining zones. 

Here, a built-in floating wooden bench and a round table double as both dining and working space. Storage is maximized in the living room by two custom-built metal bookshelves at the entrance and a low unit that seamlessly extends into a floor-to-ceiling shelf.

With this complete redesign, Do Designers have created a space that is practical, comfortable, and beautiful; defined by a touch of contemporary Scandinavian design.

Photos by Michail Damaskos