Set on the top floor of a 34-year-old low-rise Singaporean public housing block, Project #13 by STUDIO WILLS + Architects is a creative reinterpretation of an original shophouse, splitting the unit down the middle instead of keeping the office at street level and the home above. 

Originally a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home, the apartment was completely reconfigured to create fully independent but seamlessly connected living and co-working spaces alongside one another. 

Raising the roofline created the opportunity to add a loft between the living and dining areas underneath which is the unit’s largest piece of built-in furniture, a tall wooden volume aptly termed the “space marker”.

The center of the space marker contains a walk-in wardrobe and storage, with a built-in tea-making station to the front and a set of timber steps, with integrated storage to the right, that lead up to the loft-style bedroom.

With the upgrading and repurposing of this previously single-use residential unit, Project #13 re-examines what a mixed living and working space could look like, allowing for flexible use over time which will sustain the property over the course of its life.

Photos by Finbarr Fallon