Maximalist mini loft, Paris

Nestled within the eastern suburbs of Paris, a two-story industrial building serves as a canvas for Zyva Studio’s architect, Anthony Authié, his wife Adele, and their beloved dog Nepal.

Their shared vision was to create an extraordinary living space that would authentically reflect their identities. Inspired by childhood memories of Lego and Mario games on Nintendo, the couple embarked on a journey to transform the once-compact space into a captivating dwelling that seamlessly merges creativity, functionality, and personal style.

I try to integrate into my work a bit of humor. I really like to think of spaces and pieces of furniture like fictional characters just the toys in Toy Story that come to life as soon as Andy leaves the room.

Anthony Authié

Upon discovering the industrial building, Anthony and Adele were thrilled by its high ceilings and ample volume. The original layout underwent a remarkable transformation. The kitchen was enlarged, and the staircase was artfully reconfigured to wrap around the culinary hub, fostering an open and spacious ambience. Additionally, a small wall was removed in the bathroom, giving way to an expanded closet.

The heart of the home resides in a vast, 4.2-meter-high grey box, serving as the living room, kitchen, and dining area. Anthony’s ingenuity shines through the furniture, which he and his friends meticulously crafted. The wooden sofa, adorned with vibrant red leather cushions, exudes comfort and character. Cleverly repurposed kitchen shelves harmoniously blend into the space, while the coffee table’s base, inspired by the iconic spiny Koopa Troopa from Mario games, was skillfully 3D printed.

The goal for me and my wife was to create a truly unique experience that reflects who we are. I am so inspired by childhood play like Legos and playing Mario on my Nintendo growing up.

Anthony Authié

Adjacent to the living room, the fully metallic kitchen stands as a testament to Anthony’s playful spirit and love of pop culture.

I thought it would be fun to make a fully metallic kitchen. The metal doors and grey granite countertop was inspired by Mr. Freeze from Batman.

Anthony Authié

Every detail, including the door handles and lighting fixtures, was meticulously brought to life using 3D printing technology at his studio. Toying with scale, Anthony employed contrasting patterns of granite, with a dark-toned, expansive countertop complementing the lighter, smaller-patterned dining table. Adding a touch of whimsy, four orange stools resembling pipes from the Mario Brothers’ games punctuate the space.

A staircase gracefully punctuates the open living, kitchen, and dining area while serving as a functional wall for the kitchen. This stairway leads to the ethereal bedroom, characterized by an outer curtain layer enveloped in vibrant yellow fabric. From the lower floor, the bedroom assumes the appearance of a spacious yellow box, encapsulating a serene retreat.

Behind the welcoming yellow entrance door lies a generously proportioned bathroom, exuding a sense of tranquillity. Grey terrazzo flooring and walls seamlessly connect this sanctuary with the apartment’s overarching aesthetic. Anthony’s artistic touch is evident in the yellow 3D-printed lights, casting an inviting glow. The shower, nestled in the corner without the need for a door, optimizes space and adds to the room’s functionality. Green closets discreetly provide ample storage for clothing while cleverly concealing the washing machine. This intimate space evokes the luxury of a walk-in closet, expertly fusing opulence with convenience.

Zyva Studio’s remarkable home within the industrial building of Paris’s eastern suburbs is a testament to Anthony Authié and Adele’s creative vision. With influences rooted in childhood nostalgia, they transformed a once-compact space into a breathtaking sanctuary that embodies their passions, memories, and unique personalities. From the artfully designed living room to the imaginative kitchen and the serene bedroom and bathroom, every aspect of this dwelling showcases the couple’s unwavering commitment to originality, functionality, and aesthetic harmony.

I think my philosophy with small spaces is to create a truly unique experience as if you are entering into a time machine and traveling through new unexplored the worlds. The space is bigger when you have this kind of fitting.

Anthony Authié

Images by NeverTooSmall