Martin Place Residence, Singapore

Situated in the heart of Singapore’s Orchard River Valley District, a 55sqm/592sqft one-bedroom apartment has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the creative vision of Vin Leong, the founder of Haelcyon Days Design, a prominent multi-discipline interior design studio in Singapore. With a keen focus on providing both comfort and functionality, the design team sought inspiration from hospitality venues to curate a living space that maximizes storage capacity while exuding a luxurious ambiance.

The initial concept revolved around the idea of crafting a well-conceived environment that would offer the owner a seamless blend of convenience and elegance. Drawing from their experience in the hospitality design realm, the team integrated hotel design principles into this residential setting, employing a palette of neutral tones and carefully selected materials to achieve a sophisticated aesthetic. Under Vin Leong’s creative direction, the apartment was skillfully transformed into a sanctuary that combines the allure of a high-end hotel suite with the comforts of a private residence.

As one enters the apartment, a sense of sophistication and warmth envelops them, emanating from the dark walls and storage units thoughtfully positioned near the entrance. Adorned in a dark wood green laminate finish, these elements exude a calming ambiance while serving as a visually appealing backdrop that sets the stage for the living experience that awaits. Aesthetics aside, the storage units cleverly double as wall panels, displaying an artful combination of form and function that lends a gallery-like atmosphere to the space.

Upon stepping into the living area, one is immediately captivated by a breathtaking expanse of windows, allowing natural light to flood the space. Adopting a neutral color palette, the design team created a versatile backdrop that showcases the curated selection of furniture pieces. An artful placement of a mirror in the corner of the room imparts a sense of depth, elevating the visual appeal of the space.

To augment the contemporary look and feel, the original polished marble floors underwent a honing process, resulting in a matte finish that perfectly complements the overall aesthetic. Concealed within the dividing wall between the living and bedroom areas, a three-meter-high pocket sliding door seamlessly separates the two zones. An ingeniously designed hidden storage space adjacent to the sliding door ensures a clutter-free environment that exudes an air of elegance.

A defining element was the addition of a visually striking wall that served as a focal point, framing the entrance and setting the tone for the entire apartment. This wall not only provides a sense of arrival but also acts as a practical element, enclosing the kitchen area and cleverly concealing any signs of culinary activity. The presence of the wall not only prevents odors and smoke from permeating the living area but also establishes a distinct visual separation between the various zones of the apartment.

The removal of the wall between the bedroom and bathroom is another notable alteration undertaken by the design team. This transformation not only resulted in a more spacious shower area but also introduces a new entrance to the bathroom, improving accessibility and enhancing the overall flow of the apartment. By reimagining the spatial arrangement, Haelcyon Days Design successfully create an environment that harmoniously combines functionality and aesthetics.

Stepping into the bedroom, the eye is immediately drawn to an impeccably crafted wall of white paneling, elegantly concealing abundant storage and wardrobe space. Custom-made hidden handles lend a touch of sophistication while maintaining the seamless visual appeal of the wall. Additionally, a full-length mirror positioned next to the bed head imparts the illusion of a freestanding structure, adding a captivating element to the room. Accessible from both the kitchen and the bedroom, the bathroom ensures convenience and accessibility for both the owner and guests.

In the bathroom, a seamless integration with the overall design is achieved through the use of large-format tiles that match the marble floor in the living space. To introduce a subtle yet captivating pattern, a different type of tile with a bush-hammered texture was thoughtfully selected for the walls within the shower area. This meticulous attention to detail creates an atmosphere of refined luxury. A cantilever vanity mirror in sleek black metal not only adds a contemporary touch but also conceals storage space behind its door. The use of LED strip lighting in the ceiling imparts a cozy ambiance, elevating the bathroom experience to new heights.

Separating the kitchen from the foyer area, a hidden sliding glass door adds a touch of elegance and functionality to the space. Equipped with top-of-the-line amenities, including a large sink, oven, induction hob, and extractor hood, the kitchen caters to the culinary needs of the owner. The kitchen counter and backing, crafted from exquisite Caesar Stone quartz, further enhance the sophistication of the space. In a clever play of reflections and depth, hairline steel was chosen for the kitchen cabinet doors, adding a touch of visual interest. Concealed behind full-height black panels, the waste chute and washing machine seamlessly blend with the overall design. To maintain a seamless aesthetic, an integrated fridge completes the kitchen ensemble.

With a commitment to functionality and a dedication to curbing clutter, Vin Leong’s design philosophy shines through, as he delivers an environment that allows the owner to fully appreciate and enjoy the space they call home. Through the adaptation of hotel design principles, the skillful selection of materials, and the incorporation of innovative storage solutions, Haelcyon Days Design has masterfully transformed this Singaporean apartment into a haven that epitomizes the perfect blend of luxury and practicality.

Images by NeverTooSmall