Love House, Yokohama

A house in the quiet coastal Kanagawa prefecture was designed to feel like living outside, built by the CEO of Takeshi Hosaka Architects, associate professor Takeshi Hosaka. He wanted a home that would seamlessly combine the elements of nature and city life, turning this 38sqm/409sqft house into his secondary residence after building Love2House.

Recently, Hosaka renovated a portion of Love House to create more space, repainting the exterior which is now a simple white house, creating a minimalist aesthetic against its busier neighbours.

The indoor/ outdoor concept is immediately evident upon entering the house where a curved outdoor staircase leads up to the main living space.

The top of the staircase is fitted with sliding glass doors that open into the living area. The living area is primarily used in an open-air setting, with candles used as the primary source of light.

The dining table is 600mm square and can be extended to comfortably seat four people. A shelf for a stereo system and records is also in the living area.

The kitchen is located at the end of the second floor and is two steps lower than the living area. It features a 3-burner gas stove and a small drawer fridge. The dishwasher door has enough space to fully open without touching the wall. A skylight above the kitchen provides access to a small rooftop.

In winter, I close the glass and warm up quickly with an oil stove. (because it is narrow) I enjoyed winter by cooking various foods on the stove and boiling water in a kettle. The kitchen can be seen from the living room, but it is not open and you can cook in peace. I went up to the small rooftop and ate curry on the rooftop once in the summer.”

The first floor, accessible through another door, is meant for relaxation. It features a camping bed that can be folded up for flexibility and is equipped with a plug-in bare bulb lamp that can be moved around the room. The small window provides fresh air and ventilation.

The bathroom is a step down from the bedroom and features a custom-made concrete bathtub coated in FRP for waterproofing. The bathtub can be used as a bath or shower, and a wooden window brings a bit of nature into the room.

The space under the stairs is used for additional storage, and the ceiling in the bathroom has been designed with storage in mind.

Love House provides a unique blend of nature and city life and is the perfect escape for those looking to connect with nature while still being in the city. With its open-air living spaces and curved outdoor staircase, Love House offers a truly one-of-a-kind living experience, rare in the hustle and bustle of Japan’s east coast cities. 

Images by Masoo Nishikawa, Koji Fujii Nacasa and Partners, and NeverTooSmall