La Suite Dolce Vita, Paris

Ophélie Doria & Edouard Roullé-Mafféïs of Space Factory, a multidisciplinary creative studio based in Paris, are the creators of the 29sqm/312sqft La Suite Dolce Vita. Translating to ‘the Dolce Vita suite’, the concept was designed to offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and provide a taste of the sweet life, inspired by the Venetian palazzos and its arches, pink and green marbles, and dark woods.

The suite is located in a residential building built in 1949 and situated next to Les Buttes Chaumont, a beautiful park in Paris with vast expanses of grass, a lake, a suspension bridge, and even a waterfall. The one-bedroom apartment was initially neglected, with a laminate floor and white walls. However, the Space Factory team transformed it into a beautiful and functional living space with an optimized floor plan.

The entrance features a pink colour box to create distance from the main living space, while the toilet is located on the right and a vertical cupboard with hidden storage is situated on the left. An arch visually frames the living space, while a dining table for four to six people, a sofa, and storage that can double as benches make for a versatile living space. 

We imagined a very versatile living space where you can entertain friends, work and chill. That’s why we created a dining table for four to six people.

Space Factory

A projector screen can be lowered via a switch, and an integrated office was created for work-at-home needs.

Despite the compact size of the apartment, a large kitchen was envisioned, complete with hidden storage for appliances, a fridge, microwave, dishwasher, and washing machine. Arched mirrors reflect the surrounding space and fluted glass arches separate the bedroom from the living area. 

“We wanted to maximise light circulation so that either side of the apartment can receive light throughout the day,” says Doria and Roullé-Mafféïs.

The bedside table is floating to maximise the feeling of space, while a mini dresser with built-in light, drawers, and compartments provides optimised storage.

The en-suite bathroom is separated from the bedroom with an arch at the top and bottom. There is a shower on one side, divided by a glass panel, and a basin on the other. The curved wall makes it look like one large space. The bathroom is entirely covered with waxed concrete and has a soft colour palette.

We were inspired by the doors on boats. It allows us to separate the two spaces and to protect the bedroom from splashes.

Space Factory


We feel like the mindset is changing about what is luxurious. You don’t need to have a large space to experience a luxurious feeling, like in a hotel suite. 

It’s all about the care you put into the renovation, the details and the high-end quality materials.

Space Factory

Images by Hervé Goluza