Kolonaki, Athens

This apartment is located in the downtown Athenian Quarter of Kolonaki, close to the centre of Greece’s capital. Elements of the 70s have been carefully incorporated into the 48sqm/517sqft apartment complex’s design by Lora Zampara and Michalis Saplaouras of Cluster Architects.

In designing this home, the Architects looked to meet their client’s expectations of a fully equipped apartment that combined functionality with cosiness and style. 

Fixed hydraulics and plumbing dictated that the kitchen and bathroom would need to remain in roughly the same area, with a single window (the only source of natural light) presenting further challenges that would influence the floor plan.

The architects’ vision was to create an open-plan space that still provided privacy. With limited natural light, closing off areas with opaque walls was not an option, cleverly placed translucent walls, and mirrors were strategically placed around the apartment to amplify the natural light.

The kitchen is the central hub of the apartment, with the living, master, dining, and bathrooms positioned around it. The bathroom is positioned furthest away from the natural light given its low usage compared to other areas.

A custom-built sofa and bookcase provide additional storage, while the curved kitchen bench provides soft edges and flows through the entrance into the living area. A previously square column has been rounded off to provide additional softness and flow with ambient lighting and bronze highlights positioned head high turning it a sculptural feature.

Images by Nikos Vavdinoudis and Christos Dimitriou ofStudiovd