F-House, Osaka

Set in a quiet neighbourhood in Osaka, the newly built three-storey F-House is a compact, timber home for a family of four.

To accommodate existing furniture and maximise common living space instead of separate private rooms, architect Kazuteru Matsumura from Coilkma kept the 57sqm/613sqft home relatively open plan.

Making use of strategically placed velcro curtains instead of regular doors is an atmospheric and cost-effective solution that creates flexible zones and conceals storage spaces.

Avoiding custom furniture throughout the home as well as in the children’s bedroom kept costs down, and each piece was carefully selected to create a flexible multifunctional space, with a desk and storage fitting neatly underneath the bunk beds.

In the living room, the extra space in the high ceiling has been used to create a playspace and room for storage that can be accessed via a ladder OR a uniquely placed rock climbing wall.

Images by Keishiro Yamada YFT