EG112 Simple Dwelling, Barcelona

Inspired by his love of mid-century design, architect and furniture dealer Jacobo Valentí of Casavells Estudio completely transformed this 34sqm/366sqft attic apartment using a combination of original mid-century furniture he had been collecting for years and cleverly adapted IKEA pieces.

Valentí redesigned the kitchen into two separate opposing sections, creating a central corridor in the middle of the apartment. He also split the bathroom in two, keeping the toilet near the entrance and adding an open shower next to the new terrace, converted from 3 sqm of existing indoor space.

The versatile, open-plan living area is used for sleeping, dining and working and contains a dual purpose ikea sleeper sofa with a custom wood frame. This acts as a dining table/desk seat and guest bed when needed.  For storage, a customized original Danish unit that sits opposite the bed is paired with a mirror-clad Ikea closet. A projector, mounted above the bed, projects directly onto the far wall.

Meticulously selecting and customising his furniture allowed Valentí to balance the old with the new and give his home a unique second life.

Images by Jacobo Valentí