Casa Cubo, Buenos Aires

Nestled tightly between a number of larger blocks in inner city Buenos Aires and measuring exactly 7m x 7m x 7m, the aptly named Casa Cubo (cube house) is home to owner/architects Matias Michatek and Torunn Vaksvik Skarstad of Arqs.

MichatekSkarstad who designed and renovated the home themselves. Originally a typical PH (propiedad horizontal or horizontal property) style layout commonly found in Buenos Aires and structured around an atrium, the couple set out to create their own take on the style, prioritizing outdoor living and the areas they would use most.

Adding 2.5 storeys to the property, a half storey for an office and a single room second story where a large custom built wooden kitchen with dining table connects seamlessly to an open terrace via a set of glass panel doors that run the length of the back wall

A multifunctional metal staircase structure that blends seamlessly into the wall connects the storeys and contains the bathroom, laundry, powder room and plenty of storage, creating a clean, simplistic and highly functional small home.

Images by Javier Agustín Rojas