Apartamento Ladrilho, Curitiba

A bare “skeleton apartment” left unfinished for over 10 years might not sound like a desirable first apartment on paper, but for architect Franco Luiz Faust, there was nothing but potential. His vision for the 55sqm/592sqft space was a peaceful respite that would serve as a comfortable backdrop for unforgettable memories with his wife, Maria, with room for a growing family in the future.

The main challenge of the project was to find the best layout for the apartment’s social areas, ensuring enough storage space for us without compromising on aesthetics or daily practicality.


In the airy apartment, Faust’s palette is a mix of wooden tones complemented by minimalist white and grey shades; punctuated with pops of more vibrant colours to reflect Faust and Maria’s personalities.

One of Faust’s main design interventions was to build a multifunctional reddish-brown wooden custom joinery unit between the kitchen and living room that served both areas. On one side, the unit conceals a cabinet behind fluted glass fronts with built-in drawers underneath.

The expansive kitchen countertop and splashback opposite are made out of a locally sourced light grey marble known as Kronos Paraná Marble. Spacious cupboards overhead provide storage, but larger appliances and the kitchen’s full-size pantry are hidden in a bank of floor-to-ceiling cabinets between the kitchen and entrance.

The other face of the joinery unit forms a wall on which the TV is mounted, with additional built-in storage niches. In the living room, an abundance of natural light spills through large balcony windows, filtered by translucent linen curtains that provide privacy. The bright living space is awash in a light grey, allowing the reddish tones of the wooden joinery unit and the Brazilian chestnut wood flooring to take centre stage.

The wooden flooring extends to the dining area, where a built-in bench cleverly conceals further storage for less frequently used items. Its moss-green cushion brightens the space and this hue — Faust’s favourite — appears in the social areas to reflect his extroverted nature.

Blue is Maria’s preferred colour and appears in the tranquil bedroom with a feature wall, representing her reserved demeanour. An L-shaped wardrobe with varying depths wraps around the bed to maximise storage without compromising on space. With everything concealed behind white floor-to-ceiling cabinets, the wardrobe is unobtrusive, providing a neutral backdrop for the blue accent wall.

Thoughtful design also extends to the office: a room designed for relaxation and creativity. At the moment, it’s home to Faust’s cherished musical instruments and records, but in the future, it has been designed to transition into a second bedroom if required.

With each decision, Faust has masterfully curated a space that both takes advantage of storage opportunities and caters to the home’s present occupants while also allowing space to dream and grow.

Franco Luiz Faust and Maria (architect, owners, and talent) and the NTS team

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Images by NeverTooSmall & Napat Pattrayanond