Guided by the belief that good design must be accessible to all - with a range of projects from 30 sqm homes to 170 healthcare centers - we use a circular design process that prioritize client collaboration, function-followed form.

Studio Josef Karol's design process is divided into a 7-part journey: Info, Study, Connect, Design, Build, Interact, Assess.

Beginning with gathering Information, we set the foundation for understanding the space, the client's needs, and the project's requirements, through the project brief and interviews. We Study the data given and conduct our research. After all variables arrive, we Connect the dots by coordinating with a village of builders, suppliers, and professionals, ensuring that every design decision is informed and backed up.

At the heart of the process lies the Design phase, where concepts are refined into an actionable guide for the construction phase. The Connect phase continues to the Build stage, as a village works together to see their ideas come to life. After the project is completed, clients are encouraged to Interact and fully engage with and experience their new space. Regular check-ins at 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year post-completion allow them to assess the design, ensuring that the space continues to meet evolving needs. This information also allows us to grow, using each opportunity as a learning experience.

Studio Josef Karol recognizes that design is a continuous journey, where feedback and adaptation are key to growth. By transforming assessments into valuable information, we relish in a holistic cycle of improvement and innovation. Embracing design as a dynamic and evolving experience, we invite our clients to not just inhabit their spaces but to also actively participate in the process of shaping them. Experience life, experience design.