The name ATOMAA derives from the Ancient Greek word ἄτομος (átomos, “indivisible”) which comes from the words ἀ + τέμνω (“not” + “to cut”). In ancient (and still in modern) Greek language ἄτομος (átomos) also means Person.

The practice was founded in 2018 by Andrea Del Pedro Pera, Cesare Galligani and Umberto Maj. ATOMAA is formed from a fifteen-year friendship between the three partners.

ATOMAA has been entrusted with very different projects, between the urban dimension and the relationship with nature: from the small urban micro-apartment to the development of real estate complexes, up to the world of work and its office spaces. From the small alpine refuge to the extensive estate in the countryside.

ATOMAA believes in the human dimension of architecture. ‘People’ are a constant and undeniable reference for us. ‘People’ are the customers; ‘people’ are the artisans who inform the spaces we envision. For this, the material culture and the attraction to the ‘handmade’, are our most passionate references. The realization of a work, regardless of its scale, crosses this relatable richness, for which it is necessary to learn multiple languages; from the psychological and political language, to the technical and normative tools for communication and construction; from that of aesthetics to that of economics. ATOMAA believes that listening, interpreting and understanding all these languages is the first step towards really understanding the questions we face.

The answers may not necessarily come from "invention" but rather from reinterpretation, reuse and transformation, in order to reduce “waste”. ATOMAA’s research on micro-living has, at its heart, the reduction of wasted space, and it's better used where it has already been transformed i.e., the city centre in which it sits.