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Nestled in the vibrant Saavedra neighbourhood, Nahuel and Florencia have developed a deep appreciation for their surroundings. Starting from their own doorstep, they have explored the area and uncovered its hidden treasures.

By hopping on a bicycle, you can embark on your own adventure. Whether you head towards the picturesque river or pedal through charming avenues adorned with greenery, you’ll find yourself discovering delightful parks scattered across the city.

Buenos Aires, with its vastness, offers something for everyone. The capital boasts a variety of residential neighbourhoods, each with its own unique charm. Some areas are filled with bustling shops and busy streets, while others provide a more tranquil atmosphere. Whatever your preferences, Buenos Aires has it all. Let’s take a look at Nahuel and Florencia’s favourites. 

Eat at 

We really like to eat at “La Épica”, a neighbourhood pizzeria, where they have an excellent concept. They are in front of a beautiful round park, they lend you some low chairs, and you take them there, you eat a delicious pizza with friends. We highly recommend the Sangria!

Another place to enjoy with friends and have a good time is La Fuerza, a corner where you can have a delicious Vermouth and soda, accompanied croquettes and potato omelettes.

We love the atmosphere and climate that they create in these places, meeting places and sharing with friends. And also its owners and creators are young Argentine entrepreneurs!

Shop at

We like to visit stores in Palermo, there is a wide range of objects, designer clothes, novelty clothes and objects of all kinds.

A nice shopping trip is in the Arcos District, an open-air shopping style, where a railway station was recycled, it is pet-friendly, you can breathe nice air.

Get inspired at

Visit the Centro Porteño and San Telmo. It’s beautiful to walk around as a tourist, not so much if you’re in a hurry to work. We recommend visiting the Chacabuco 78 building.

A space to explore, be inspired and enjoy is the area of ​​the Recoleta cultural centre, where bands play, there and in its surroundings you have museums, various exhibitions, a craft fair, sometimes they organize massive dances in the open-air, and various shows of theatre, dance .. among others, a very inspiring cultural space.

Play at

Melián Street is a route that is very enjoyable, with trees that gather their tops from opposite sidewalks, a wide street and old houses of different styles. A beautiful feeling to go through that tunnel of nature in the middle of the city.

Never Too Small have collated the best of Buenos Aires for you in our Google Maps link

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