Milkman’s Cottage

Airbnb Host Matt Cooper’s heritage-listed cottage was transformed from a dark and cramped space into one that is bright, airy and surprisingly spacious.

Generous windows with clever angles, cutaway and perforated walls have been designed to maximise and amplify the available light, meaning the 44sqm footprint never feels claustrophobic. Concrete, timber battens and floorboards offset the bright ceilings and walls, creating an organic natural feel.

Pivot doors lead out to the courtyard, the wall to wall windows connecting the outside and inside and in doing so, seemingly creating an extended footprint and allowing the kitchen and dining area to become part of the courtyard.

Connectivity is a key aspect of this design. The lower stairs are hewn from concrete, while the upper section is timber merging the polished concrete floors of downstairs with the timber boards of the mezzanine.

All photos by Adam Gibson

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