Set on a 31sqm plot of land in the central Bunkyo district of Tokyo, the uniquely shaped Love2 House belongs to Architect Takeshi Hosaka and his wife.

Surrounded by 10-story neighbouring buildings, the design of the single-storey house responded directly to the need for both privacy and light, which Hosaka addressed with a high ceiling and a dynamic skylight.

The compact home has been meticulously designed to ensure sufficient space and amenities for the habits and hobbies Hosaka and his wife enjoy most, including eating, reading, listening to records and taking daily baths.  

Hosaka designed the home being mindful of the need for outdoor spaces, the footpath at the front of the home and terrace at the rear provide outdoor spaces to extend into.

The living space at the front of the house contains a custom-made dining table and bench and opens directly onto the footpath via a glass sliding door. In the middle of the house is a compact stainless steel kitchen, which includes the clever use of a trolley on castors, like the ones used on aeroplanes. Behind the kitchen wall is the bedroom, which leads onto an open terrace with an outdoor bath.

In a city of 13 million people, this home is a sanctuary, comfortably at odds with the giants that surround it.