LC21, Hong Kong

This 48sqm cosy apartment is in the very densely populated area of Hong Kong, Kowloon and features a diamond-shaped layout, typical of large-scale private housing estates in Hong Kong.

The space has been transformed by self-taught interior designer Daphney Ho of  F.A.L WORKS Studio. The main focus of the design was to create a tranquil and cozy space with adequate storage to hide things.

When Ho took over the apartment, it had not been renovated since the last owner moved in back in 1990. The space looked worn out, and Ho had to start from scratch. Ho’s vision was to make the space look bright and neutral while implementing arches and curves to soften the irregular shape of the apartment.

The entrance of the apartment features a small foyer area, complete with a platform and shoe cabinet to separate it from the living room. The idea behind this feature is influenced by Japanese culture, which emphasizes not bringing dirt inside the home. A full-height pegboard has been installed behind the entrance door to hang everyday necessities like masks and grocery trolleys.

he living area is located on a wooden platform next to the door. The sofa is custom-made with an angled shape, with drawers below for additional storage. A full-body mirror has been installed to provide a final look before leaving the apartment.

The TV cabinet connects to the bay window and aligns with the height of the sofa. The walls and ceilings are applied with chicory and ecological nontoxic Japanese lime plaster.

The dining area is a step down from the living space, with a circular dining table and booth seating that wraps around the corner, maximizing the dining seating space.

The kitchen is small, with a unique pentagon shape, making it hard to change the layout. Ho kept the original placement of the sink and stove and rebuilt it with full-height cabinets to maximize storage space. Full-length bars have been used to keep drying racks off the working surface.

An arch separates the transit to the bedroom and bathroom, with fluted panel walls that slide to create two bedrooms. The main bedroom is designed solely to fit a king-sized bed, with the custom bed built higher to create storage space underneath. The three-panel sliding door hides a full-height storage closet, which also serves as a dress-up and daily care station.

The bathroom features a separation of dry and wet areas inspired by Japanese bathrooms, with a unique sink design that allows the washing machine to fit below. The toilet room is next to the sink, and a frosted glass sliding door has been used as a partition. The wet room is behind the glass door when privacy is needed.

The second bedroom is multifunctional, currently serving as a dressing room. An adjustable hanging system and storage boxes have been used to create a walk-in closet, hidden behind a curtain to make better use of the space around the bay window. A custom desk has been ordered with short feet on the bay window and the others on the floor.

Throughout the apartment, the use of arches and curves has helped to soften the irregular shape of the space, while the implementation of storage solutions has helped to maximize the living area. The result is a tranquil and cozy space that provides a peaceful retreat from the bustling city of Hong Kong.

Images by NeverTooSmall