This 42sqm heritage-listed property is located near Camden Square, a conservation area close to Londons Regent’s canal and Camden Market. The area is famous for its bars, music culture, and entertainment, a vibrant suburb loved by Londoners.

Designed by Armando Elias and Hugo D’Enjoy of Craft Design, a dynamic London-based architecture, and construction firm, Camden Loft is one of three flats that have been subdivided from the original terraced 1840 built home. When Elias and D’Enjoy took the brief, the space was being used as a workspace, with a small bathroom and kitchenette already installed in the open-plan area.

The original brief by the owners was to create a loft-style one-bedroom apartment with different spaces without the use of partitions and most importantly, to integrate all the appliances and storage spaces discreetly into the design. The high ceilings allowed for the creation of a single unit that could house the master bedroom above it.

In response to the brief, the idea was to maximize the sense of space whilst keeping a simple and efficient layout. This was successfully achieved through the introduction of a single volume located central to the loft where all the services are accommodated. Detached from the facades and ceilings this element has divided the open plan into several spaces for different uses such as Kitchen-Dining, Living Room, Storage, Bathroom, and a Mezzanine for the sleeping and working area.

The entrance

The living room has been designed as a place to relax but also as a transition space, leading to access to the mezzanine level through a staircase cleverly integrated into a single piece of furniture. All the custom shelves are designed in a simple palette of materials and colours.

Custom shelves to store books and the owners nick nacks

The kitchen and dining area is immediately visible upon entry and provides the beginning of a visually consistent theme to the rest of the home. An induction cooktop, full size oven and dishwasher are built in within the bespoke furniture, allowing the space to feel more sophisticated.

Central to the room is a large cube that contains the bathroom, not disimilar to the central device used in our 32nd episode, Loft Buikslotherham.

The sleeping area is located at the top of the central volume from where the entire space can be enjoyed. Opposite the bed is a fold out table which can be used as a desk. There is also access to the upper storage areas above the kitchen.

Responsible for the tranformation of all three apartments in this renovation, Elias and D’Enjoy believe they are creating spaces for a modern resident, “Small work living spaces with adaptable furniture and decor could make urban dwelling more compatible with the way the younger generations live now. In this example we were able to split, what once was, a single home into three separate living spaces – whilst maintaining the heritage of the building and of the neighborhood. This way of living is also more sustainable and also helps cities as they attempt to cope with growing populations”.