Multi-purpose Small Apartment

Once a cramped, dark and fragmented space, this 42sqm apartment in Buenos Aires was extensively re-designed by the talented team at Fallone

The floorplan before the interior walls were demolished

The original floor plan had multiple rooms, each of them small and dark due to the limited natural light available.

The Architects, Esteban Fallone and Jimena Marrano demolished the interior walls to unify the separate kitchen, laundry and living room into one larger space, also enlarging the only existing window to create a brighter, more spacious living space.

The addition of a floor-ceiling storage unit with a built-in fold out bed and a multi-purpose, counter height table; maximises functionality for day to day use. Every finish and material was meticulously chosen to create a simple aesthetic with a sense of continuity and warmth.

The new floorplan