Located on the 5th floor of a Parisian revolution-era building, 7 MCH sits in a business district by day, and a cultural hub by night.

The once dark 42sqm/452sqft space was completely transformed by Thomas Pellerin to take full advantage of a beautiful view of the city and improve its fit for the owners’ lifestyle.

Relocating the bedroom into the former kitchen allowed the home to be opened up, divided only by the central bathroom. Its unique illuminated glass wall allows light to filter through the bathroom into the bedroom, where a wash of blue paint fills the space and separates it from the living areas.

Throughout the home contrasting black and white tiling further segments spaces without the need for partitioning walls. In a city like Paris making small apartments like 7 MCH comfortable, livable spaces will play an important role in ensuring homeownership is accessible into the future.

Images by Bertrand Noël