Big Ideas for Small Footprint Furniture

Presented By Never Too Small


KittaColin (Special Edition)



Clip Bookcase

Sid Stool

Colin wants a chair. More specifically, Colin wants a chair that’s also a coffee table… But it does not exist.

As more and more people in the world choose to live in small apartments like Colin’s 40sqm home, there will be more people looking for furniture designed for these spaces. So why isn’t there more choice when it comes to furniture suited to small footprint living?

This exhibition sets out to find ideas and pathways to creating and making thoughtfully designed, multifunctional and affordable furniture for Colin and the millions of others just like him. Is it possible to make designer furniture more democratic while still prioritising sustainability and longevity? Could it be that the answer is a simple but expertly designed template that people could use to craft their own piece of made-to-last designer furniture? What about repurposing common materials found around the home or salvaged materials? How might people be empowered to become makers themselves? Or, connect with makers in their communities to meet their unmet small footprint furniture needs?

Never Too Small is collaborating with an exciting range of architects, designers, and makers to explore these questions and many more. And hopefully, along the way, might get closer to finding a chair (that is also a coffee table) for Colin and his friends.

This event is only possible due to the generosity of our spectacular sponsors, Assemble and Plyco. We thank them warmly for their support.

Venue sponsor: Assemble

Materials sponsor: Plyco


Aileen Lord

Ben Edwards and Nancy Beka

Like Butter

Marta Figueiredo

Nicholas Gurney & Jake Diaz

Nic Agius & Lee Gratton &